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06:27 pm Wt Feature #5116 (Resolved): WEnvironment.C:536 exception
06:27 pm Wt Bug #5514 (Resolved): Wt4 segfault on localized strings from server global resource
05:18 pm Wt Feature #5116 (Implemented @Emweb): WEnvironment.C:536 exception
In Wt 4, getCookieValue was renamed to getCookie, and the original getCookie implementation (which can throw) was rem...
05:11 pm Wt Feature #5604: Document undocumented WServer member functions
The functions you list are intentionally left undocumented, as they are an implementation detail rather than part of ...
05:07 pm Wt Help: RE: Some glyphicons not showing up
We don't include glyphicons in Wt because of its license. You could use font-awesome instead, or add them yourself (y...
12:10 pm Wt Feature #5116: WEnvironment.C:536 exception
getCookieValue does the same thing, but returns a null pointer when the value is missing instead. I'll make Wt use ge...
11:53 am Wt Feature #5606 (Feedback): c++ exceptions
We're not currently planning to remove exceptions from Wt. In most cases, when exceptions are thrown, this is usually...
11:39 am Wt Feature #5607 (Closed): wt core requirements
As for Visual Studio, we're testing with Visual Studio 2015 and that's probably the lowest version of Visual Studio w...


06:42 pm Wt Bug #5597 (Resolved): setTransient on WPopupWidget not effective on iOS
06:42 pm Wt Feature #5586 (Resolved): Document that built-in httpd can handle both ssl and non-ssl simultaneo...

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