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11:48 am Wt Bug #5829: WFormModel::FieldMap with "const char*" key
This was by design: a field is identified uniquely by the pointer to its (compile time) string literal constant.
11:32 am Wt Bug #5830 (Feedback): Wt 4 : Disconnection from DOM ?
That code fragment indeed seems to work when isolated (except that @->toUTF8()@ is supposed to be @.toUTF8()@).
11:19 am Wt Help: RE: Wt 4 How to detect simultaneous special key pressed ?
I assume you're retrieving the modifiers with @WKeyEvent::modifiers()@? You'll notice that it does not return just "@...


05:56 pm Wt Feature #5403 (Closed): WLineEdit: wrap around for spinboxes and toggling AM/PM automatically


01:15 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: Wt internal error; code: undefined, description: Wt3_3_7.WSpinBox is not a c...
I checked out the code you sent. I can't run it exactly in the state you sent it to me, because I don't have all of t...


06:21 pm Wt Bug #5803 (Resolved): cmake warning Policy CMP0022 is not set
05:00 pm Wt Support #5766: Possible failure in WDialog::setMaximumSize documentation
It seems to me that if the maximum size is set to a high percentage (I tested it at 90% in a full screened browser), ...
04:43 pm Wt Bug #5803 (Implemented @Emweb): cmake warning Policy CMP0022 is not set
I guess it can't hurt to set the property to NEW if it exists.
01:09 pm Wt Bug #5803: cmake warning Policy CMP0022 is not set
I've been seeing this warning sometimes, too. We don't actually define @INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES@ or @LINK_INTERFACE_...
11:53 am Wt Help: RE: I dump the core with WLineEdit::textInput() handler
This looks a bit strange:...

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