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Added by Dimitry Ishenko about 1 year ago

Koen, I know I am late to the table... but reading
your Wt4 Reflections article and comments I had a few

1. asio exists as a stand-alone library and can be used
without boost: https://github.com/chriskohlhoff/asio/

I've used it in several projects and it works great.

2. As others have suggested, instead of using boost::signals,
there are a number of other implementations.

If you need thread-safe implementation, which is C++11
friendly, I suggest taking a look at libtscb:


It comes with few other bells and whistles, which I
found unnecessary for my needs, so I've stripped it
out and tweaked a little bit for my own use, which
you can find here:


Hope you find these useful, I would really love
to see a version of Wt4, even if not production ready.

Thanks for good work. D

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RE: Wt4 suggestions - Added by Wim Dumon about 1 year ago

And now you can check it out by yourself:


Best regards,