How to get XML working?

Added by Matt Picas almost 7 years ago

I'm trying to use the example code found here:

My application has the approot and docroot set, and it has a wt_config.xml file and a separate WTemplate-example.xml file. I have app~~messageResourceBundle().use(app~~>appRoot() + "WTemplate-example"); in my main file.

Unfortunately all I see is WTemplate-example since it can't find my resource. I am using the same code in the xml file as in the example and the same C code, with the template bound to my parent container. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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RE: How to get XML working? - Added by yyyy yyyy almost 7 years ago

Did you specify the approot and docroot from command line?

How do you start your program?

RE: How to get XML working? - Added by Wim Dumon almost 7 years ago

Hey Matt,

It looks indeed that your xml file is not found for some reason. There's probably an error in how you set the approot. To debug you could for example print out the value of app->appRoot() + "WTemplate-example", you may spot something obvious...