logout functionality in auth1/2

Added by Rajveer Shringi about 1 year ago

I am trying to integrate a simple registration/login functionality in my application. For this I am using examples provided as auth1, my question is once the authEvent() is invoked and the user is logged in - there is a template showing username and a logout button("Wt.Auth.template.logged-in" template.) - I would like to read the implementation of logout button there, I have searched the documentation and could not find the link to this template. Could you please point me to it.

Currently I am passing my session object to the specific view where I place the logout button and on its click event I call -

And the user logout event is called, on checking the logs the user is actually logged out. But I would ideally like to navigate back to the login screen after this. Can you give me any pointers in this direction ?

Thank you

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RE: logout functionality in auth1/2 - Added by Roel Standaert 10 months ago

You can react to changes in the login status with Login::changed().