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Added by Ron Tidwell 10 months ago

Hi All,

I am new at using WT. I have got most of the things working. I am working on printing and I need to create a multi-page pdf file.

Is there a way to create a multi-page pdf file? I am not talking about xhtml to pdf that Render seems to do(from the documentation it looks it only does the whole HTML page). What I am trying to do is printing some of data. This data is from a selection box that is on the page they are looking. I do not want the whole HTML page. This document can be 1 page to 100 pages. I can create a single page pdf no problem using Wt::WPdfImage. How can I make multi-page document. I can easily create pages 1 by 1 if need to, but how to get it into multi-page pdf format I do not know how to do this.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


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RE: multi page PDF - Added by Koen Deforche 10 months ago

Hey Ron,

The WPdfRenderer can be given some HTML and will render it (to multiple pages if necessary). The HTML doesn't need to correspond to the HTML of the current web page but can be anything (that is supported). That it is HTML is a matter of convenience only (especially within the context of a web applicatin). IMO, the WPdfRenderer sounds like it's what you need.