Auth templats

Added by Marcelo Antunes 7 months ago

I'm trying to integrate my own template (with strings to bind) with a login page.
I used:

this->messageResourceBundle().use(WApplication::appRoot() +"resources/strings/strings");

(the path is correct)

but when i try ti bind strings id didn't work with my own strings, just with wt default strings from file "auth_strings.xml"


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RE: Auth templats - Added by Wim Dumon 7 months ago

Hey Marcelo,

Your use case is correct, and we do that in some applications we wrote. The resource bundles you load override the default built-in string bindings. I'm not sure what goes wrong for you; any chance you can step through Wt to get a clue?


RE: Auth templats - Added by Marcelo Antunes 7 months ago

I also found all "auth_strings.xml" files, and renamed it in order to check where wt was looking for strings but even though, wt strings kept being binded.

I also noticed that i can write to wthttp log my own strings that are supposed to be binded on the template, but they aren't binded to template.