Boost library dependencies

Added by Stefan Wehrenberg about 1 month ago

Im trying to use Wt as a small configuration interface in a project, that will be build in an embedded environment. Trying to keep the amount of libraries as small as possible, i tried to look up which of the boost libraries that aren't header only ill actually have to build though i can't seem to find any information, which boost libraries Wt actually depends on.

Can somebody give me an exact list of the dependencies of Wt or recommend a tool that could help me find out?

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RE: Boost library dependencies - Added by Roel Standaert about 1 month ago

I think I had them listed somewhere, but I'll have to see. Anyway, they are:

  • filesystem
  • program_options
  • thread

Older versions of Boost also need system, but I think that's a dependency of thread in that case, anyway.