Bug #10482

Wt creates invalid HTML/CSS

Added by Steven Köhler 17 days ago. Updated about 24 hours ago.

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I recently ran an HTML validity check and found some HTML/CSS errors which turned out to be caused by Wt:

I ran the test with one of my applications, but it can easily be reproduced with any application, like the Wt homepage: see (The Wt homepage itself has some more issues, but those don't seem to be automatically generated HTML/CSS.)

  • The first two errors are caused because Wt does not recognize <link> and <meta> as self closing tags in DomElement::isSelfClosingTag.
  • The cursor: hand CSS error occurs on multiple occasions and is always preceded by cursor: pointer, and thus looks like the result of a failed find and replace operation to me.

I already fixed those errors and created a pull request for it: Although most browsers handle these errors pretty well, I think it is preferable to not have them in the first place.


errors.png (51.6 KB) errors.png Steven Köhler, 06/12/2022 08:35 PM

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