Bug #1395

Problem with modal dialogs

Added by Herbert Zenz about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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I have a problem with modal dialogs:

If I open a modal dialog, all other widgets are blocked. They will be displayed grayed and I can not put the focus in a widget by clicking it with the mouse. Ok - that is what I expect, if I open a modal dialog.

But the problem is: If I click on the address bar of the browser and press tab twice, the first widget of the blocked widgets gets the focus. It is grayed, but I see a I-beam in this widget and I can enter a value. If I go not to the address bar, I can reproduce this, by pressing sometimes more the tab key. This happens in firefox. In google chrome I can go with only one tab key to the first WLineEdit Widget, that is blocked from the modal dialog - without focusing the address bar.

The problem can be reproduced with the HelloWt example, by adding a messagebox (which is a modal dialog), if the greet me button is pressed. (Code see Bug #1389).

The other problem is, that signal handlers if form of a function (installed with connect (T *target, void(V::*method)())) are disabled, but signal handlers in form of a JSlot (installed with void connect (JSlot &slot)) are triggered, when a modal dialog is active and the blocked/grayed WLineEdit has the focus.

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