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Script errors in IE

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In IE 9 (and IE 10 under Windows 7), I have an error "SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'setCurrent': object is null or undefined." (for reference, this error is followed by an error "SCRIPT257: Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101." as in this topic);

The context:

A WStackedWidget is controlled by a WMenu. These components (with many others) are included in a WTemplate.

My analysis:

When a call to WStackedWidget::setCurrentIndex is triggered, the error "SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'setCurrent': object is null or undefined" occurs.

The JavaScript part of the WStackedWidget is created by:

new Wt3_2_3.WStackedWidget(Wt,Wt3_2_3.$('WStackedWidget_oatkj7k'));

When the WTemplate is displayed and its content refreshed, the following code is executed and the error occurs:

var cj32926=$('#WStackedWidget_oatkj7k').remove();
Wt3_2_3.setHtml(j329, [...]);

The "data" part of the $('#WStackedWidget_oatkj7k') object is destroyed by "$('#WStackedWidget_oatkj7k').remove()". After that, $('#WStackedWidget_oatkj7k').data('obj') is undefined and the method "setCurrent" failed.

I trace the problem in the source code of Wt 3.2.3 in DomElement.C, at lines 1322-1324:

// In IE, contents is deleted by setting innerHTML
if (app->environment().agentIsIE())
  out << ".remove()";

I don't understand the ".remove()" part of this code but I know in other browser than IE, the problem doesn't occur without this call.

My question:

Can someone understands this problem and helps me to solve it ?


Updated by Anonymous almost 8 years ago

Update to my previous post.

I found the "why" (but not how to solve the bug...) : the application uses some "WTemplate::bindString" and "WTemplate::bindEmpty" to update the content of the template. Those methods imply a refresh of all the template in the web page. If I remove those methods, all the stuff work flawlessly (no refresh of the template).

So : IE + WTemplate + WStackedWidget (or other complex WWidget ?) + WTemplate::bindString = bug

I hope that will help solve the problem !


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Interesting bug, and I think your analysis is quite complete and correct. It seems that we need to call detach() instead of jquery's remove(). I'll test this when I have an IE around.




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