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Javascript blur event not receicved in IE 10 for a div with tabindex=0 when clicking in the div

Added by Bogdan Cosescu over 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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I have the following issue:

I build a small WT sample with a black div which has tabindex=0 and has a associated javascript events for blur an focus which logs in browser console if the div has focus or loses it.

On Chrome and Firefox it works, meaning when clicking inside the black div you get 'got focus' and when clicking outside you get 'lost focus'.

On IE 10 with document mode: Standards you can't gain focus in div with a mouse click but only using Tab key. You can lose focus with a click outside the box.

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I tried your example with IE8 and indeed focus isn't received.

But when commenting out setSelectable(false), it does work (and will probably work also in IE10?)

setSelectable(false) and wanting a widget to receive focus does seemingly conflict somewhat?




Updated by Bogdan Cosescu over 9 years ago

How about the fact that it works in Chrome and Firefox?

I see an inconsistency here. For now I put the focus manually on mouse click in the div for IE clients.


Updated by Koen Deforche over 9 years ago

Hey Bogdan,

Yes, it is not consistent, but then again, setAttributeValue() isn't guaranteed to have the same effect in every browser... The proper solution is to have a proper setTabIndex() support so that we can deal with inconsistencies.




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