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Hello! I wan't to create main menu of my application, using tool bar and WMenu, which can possibly contains popup submenus.

I checked list of sites written in Wt from here: There are sites, which main menus I like:


I like this menu a lot. I want to know, how to make submenus with auto-popup like this 'Architecture'? Also want to know how to make unselectable root of submenu (if you click on itself), but it should be selected if you choose on if it's child items, for example: 'Open source'.


This menu is also awesome. How to make popup arrows like these?


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We should at least illustrate this in an example


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I localized my problem in this bug:


Updated by Bud T over 9 years ago

Sorry to barge in on this issue, but I just wanted to float a menu concept: vertical placement on left side of page (instead of standard horizontal at top) with icons (instead of text) and horizontal (instead of vertical) css popup hover labels (if not sub-menus). This menu would only display when authenticated user has open session. A control panel type menu system.


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