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WPanel expand/collapse broken with Bootstrap responsive features

Added by Marco Gulino over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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I'm playing a bit with bootstrap responsive features, and I got stuck on this problem.

I've created a WPanel with the "hidden-desktop" css class.

On Wt 3.3.0 it works correctly. On a fresh git snapshot installation it just gets stuck, sometimes I can expand it once, but then i can't get it to collapse anymore.

My other "regular" WPanels work correctly.




Updated by Koen Deforche over 9 years ago

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Hey Marco,

I can't reproduce this with latest git --- e.g. when changing the CollapsiblePanel example in the widget gallery it seems to perform as expected?

I noticed that this progressive feature uses 'display: inherit' which isn't something that I expect to work properly on all browsers however?




Updated by Marco Gulino over 9 years ago

Thanks for your reply!

It was tricky to reply in a "vanilla" page, but I found the real trigger.

You have to:

  • create the panel adding a "hidden-desktop", or "visible-phone" css class
  • set the "collapsible" and "collapsed" properties to true
  • add an animation (I use the SlideInFromTop, for instance)
  • expand it after a while (maybe using a WTimer, in my app I did it with user event clicks, instead).
  • load the page in "desktop" mode, meaning with a wide window width, and resize the window after the panel gets expanded by the timer.

You can see an example here: and as I said, the panel gets stuck, you can't collapse it anymore.

You might of course wonder why I'm trying to expand a hidden panel, but that's the point of responsive code: having the panel always there (and therefore responding to events), but hidden if we're watching the page in desktop mode.

As a side note, the animations are also a bit weird too, if the animation duration is too short the panel gets stuck in a hibryd state.



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