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Minor: Support HTML 5 history in IE 10

Added by Bruce Toll almost 9 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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It appears that IE 10 supports HTML 5 history. However, the git version of Wt (3.3.0-30-ga7f27d8) requests an IE 9 compaitibility mode that prevents it from being used. This is not a serious issue since Wt falls back to tracking history with URLs containing fragment identifiers (starting with "#").

I've atteched a patch that enables native history support in IE 10. It adds minimal support for recognizing IE10 and using it in native mode. It also removes some vestigial VML support that I was originally concerned might cause IE to choose a compatibility mode. The patch has only been lightly tested and it is certainly possible that the change in compatibility mode might break other functionality.



Updated by Bruce Toll almost 9 years ago

Attached an update for git version 3.3.0-32-ga20ef3f, which also includes a patch for WApplication.C that was missed earlier.


Updated by Bruce Toll over 7 years ago

This feature is available in recent versions of Wt, so the report can be closed. Thanks!


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