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[PROJECT] Issues should contain links to the relevant repository-commit

Added by I. Lazaridis almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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From #2701

I try to follow development a bit, and have a huge problem:

Issues are getting "Resolved", without any pointer to the relevant commit in the repo.

Is it possible to provide the links in future, thus following development will become easier.

(remember that this is somehow standard in open-source projects today)

Koen Deforche
Unfortunately, due to distributed nature of git, the 'repo' is actually not well defined. It's in our internal repo, but this only gets pushed to the external github repo after review.

Perhaps we can add a 'Status' state to differentiate between resolved-implemented, and resolved-available?

Updated by I. Lazaridis almost 9 years ago

If I remember right, you "Close" the issue once you push to the public repo (=resolved-available).

But the problem is mainly, that in both cases (resolved-implemented/internally, resolved-available), your issue tracker does not contain a link to the changeset, thus one has to search the repo himself.

So, the main problem is, that the link is missing here.


As for your review-workflow, possibly there is a solution to this, but I have to understand your workflow and setup better.

With "internal repo" you mean a standard repo clone? Or do you have a git repository server internally?


Updated by Koen Deforche almost 9 years ago

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We currently 'close' issues when they are part of a release. Our internal git repository is actually entirely disjoint from the public git repo (for historical reasons, really).

We agree it would be nice to see links from the issue to the commit; we'll see if we can let redmine find this from the commit messages (which do contain the issue reference).




Updated by I. Lazaridis almost 9 years ago

This should be the relevant docu:


As for your repo-structure, I ask you differently:

If I want to follow development, including the very latest fixes (=Resolved), which repo address do I clone? Or is this currently not possible?

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