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QImage painting and how add qimage in Wcontainer

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1.FileUpload buttion howw to add the filters (version 3.3.1 setFilters("images/"); method is not availabul )

2.WImage over Painting We are need to use WPaintedWidget ,in this resize(400,400)-> this method calls paint event and previsoly we are providing size that area only able to painting

over the image not working to add the QImage in WContainer

4.i have QImage ,i want show this image WContainer how it's possibul with out QImage .save(\" \"); method( i don't want to QImage saving )

plz give Exact Answer

previous you people given answer is not working/Worng Answers



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Please, stop creating new tickets for the same issue, and do not bundle different issues in the same ticket.

Instead of complaining that we give wrong answers, take the time to read the answers instead. As far as I can tell, all the answers have been adequate.

1. As stated in response to #2849, this method is new in 3.3.2. So yes, it's not available in 3.3.1.

  1. As far as I can tell, the response in #2847 is right. It's not entirely clear what you problem is though (which may be a communication problem, as you English is not very comprehensible).
  2. I assume you mean WImage not QImage (do you? please review your posts before submitting); container->addWidget(image) will do that.
  3. You can reimplement a resource which streams the QImage data; and use that as a source for a WImage. This requires you to learn about resources in Wt.

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