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Provide a Tutorial, starting with Wt Basic Concepts

Added by I. Lazaridis over 8 years ago.

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Koen Deforche, Wt Author, in: RE: Customization Wt::Auth:AuthWidget

If you want to get a good understanding, you will need to get familiar with the basic concepts in Wt (which are really not that many): widgets, WTemplate and WTemplateFormView.

As a conclusion, a tutorial similar to this should be provided:

  • Hello World (very simple)
  • An example with simple user interaction
  • A simple widget example
  • A simple WTemplate example
  • A simple WTemplateFormView example

Then, this could go on with making a "classic" website layout, e.g. like this:

  • Create a website, based on a Layout Manager (e.g. Border Layout)
  • Extend the site with widgets
  • Add a navigation widget
  • Add an Editor Widget (e.g. tinyMCE)
  • Add user authentication

The tutorial could/should be a source-code-tree, which contains the documentation. A user would work through the examples, one after another, and read the code and the docu therein.

Or it could be produced in the (very nice) form of the widget gallery (

Users have a need for something like this, see here:

A user, in: RE: Customization Wt::Auth:AuthWidget

I think it would be great to have tutorial where will be demonstrated using of Wt from Hello world page to complex site.

(you can find a draft implementation here:

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