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Google Chrome offers translation

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when we load our wt-application in Google Chrome the Browser offers to translate our page into german-language because of \"<html lang='en' ...>. Google offers the meta-tag

in order to tell Chrome to never offer translation on this page. Our problem now is that we have configured wt with false so it seems that we are not able to use WApplication::addMetaHeader(...) to solve the problem. We cannot change this to true in order to solve the problem. I know it is mentioned in the docs that addMetaHeader does not work with disabled progressive-bootstrap but i do not understand why it is restricted. Is there any solution to change "<html lang="en\" ..>\" or to add a meta-tag without changing the wt-sources in the "src/web/skeleton"?

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There currently indeed is now way to do this, and this is a nuisance in many cases. The problem to solve is whether we want to only support static configuration of these tags (that would be easiest) or if it makes sense to provide API to add these tags based on a (partially populated) WEnvironment variable, which also makes sense since many of these tags are specific to browsers or environments.

Since in all these years none of the two options seems ideal by itself, I would propose to add both methods.




Updated by Georg Baumann almost 9 years ago


would really be great to have these methods.




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I've implemented configuration-based meta headers, with support for constraining the user-agents to which they apply using regular expressions. I think that's flexible already and perhaps then the API-based extensions are not necessary.


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