Bug #3473

WComboBox issue when javascript disabled

Added by Edwin Bentley about 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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When javascript is disabled, WComboBox's signals never fire when the selection is changed. I have tried with the changed(), activated() and sactivated() signals. I don't know whether this is a limitation with the class (it actually depends fully on Javascript) or whether it is an issue.

We have currently got a work around by using WPushButtons alongside the combo box's so that the user can click these buttons to update the selection based on what is selected within the combo box, but for the WCalendar class, where we have no access to the month combo box, we don't have a way to update the view at all, unless we create our own duplicate month selection outside of the widget, with a push button to then prompt calling the select function within WCalendar.


Updated by Wim Dumon about 8 years ago

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Hi Edwin,

The changed signal is indeed never fired if JS is not available. For WCalendar, we should probably disable the combobox all together and only allow the user to switch months by means of the previous/next buttons. Do you agree?



Updated by Edwin Bentley about 8 years ago

Hi Wim,

Yes, that makes sense to me.




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