Bug #3677

Modeless WDialogs should rise to front on mousedown

Added by Bruce Toll about 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Benoit Daccache
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With the github version of Wt (3.3.3-25-g7023b38), a click in the titlebar is required to raise a modeless WDialog. This can be confusing when dragging a modeless WDialog since it may pass behind other modeless WDialogs. I have attached two patches. The first patch will raise a WDialog on mousedown in the titlebar. The second patch extends mousedown handling to the entire WDialog, which provides resize handles with the expected behavior of rising to the front and also makes it easier to bring a WDialog forward when its titlebar is obscured.

The above patches are part of a series of patches that have been (lightly) tested together, but may also work separately. The remaining patches will be referenced in subsequent issue reports.

A small application that was used for testing dragging, resizing and reordering of modeless WDialogs is also attached.



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