Bug #3678

Support dragging WDialogs with a bottom or right position

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Benoit Daccache
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A WDialog positioned with the positionAt method may end-up with right or bottom positioning. However, a WDialog with a right or bottom position will jump to an initial offset when a drag is initiated. This is seen with github version 3.3.3-25-g7023b38 and may be related to issue #3253.

An attached set of patches (lightly tested) seems to help. The first patch handles the right and bottom cases, in general. The subsequent patches address issues encountered with the Bootstrap 2 theme.

The above patches are part of a series of patches that have been (lightly) tested together, but may also work separately.

A small application that was used for testing dragging, resizing and reordering of modeless WDialogs is also attached. Bottom and right positioning can be forced by setting the window size to be around the same size as the displayed table/grid and opening dialogs until you get one with the desired positioning.

If there are no adverse consequences, it may make sense to modify positionAt to only use left and top positioning. However, that wouldn't help with right or bottom setOffsets.



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