Bug #4629

WTableView / QueryModel doesn't show all rows (stops at row 54782)

Added by Martin Dyring-Andersen almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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I have a table with 500k rows and rising.

From the docs it would seem that WTableView with Dbo::QueryModel should be well suited to browse through the data.

However, it appears that

1) I can't scroll further than 54782 rows

2) Unless I limit the number of rows in setQuery for QueryModel (to, say 350k) no rows will be shown at all - just blank table

It makes no difference what column I sort on, etc. End result is never more than 54782 rows shown, with the scroll bar positioned all the way at bottom.

I suspected that it might relate to the scroll bar/paging mechanism and tried changing the WTableView height.. However this had no effect.

Any hints if other have successfully seen more rows would be helpful.


Updated by Koen Deforche almost 7 years ago

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You are probably being hit by the maximum height of a widget (which is browser dependent). This is an old problem, we have some ideas of how to fix it but all are a bit clumsy as somehow there's no way to scroll through such a large table view, it's restricted by the browser.


Updated by Martin Dyring-Andersen almost 7 years ago

Ok, that makes sense.

Is there any way to force the "pagination" mechanism (which is believe is only shown with JS disabled)?

I guess that would also be a solution.

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