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How to get XML working?

Added by Matt Picas almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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I'm trying to use the example code found here:

My application has the approot and docroot set, and it has a wt_config.xml file and a separate WTemplate-example.xml file. I have app~~messageResourceBundle().use(app~~>appRoot() + "WTemplate-example"); in my main file.

Unfortunately all I see is WTemplate-example since it can't find my resource. I am using the same code in the xml file as in the example and the same C code, with the template bound to my parent container. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?


Updated by Koen Deforche almost 7 years ago

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That looks all fine. How are you starting your wt process? It needs to know the location of the approot? What do you see exactly? You should see 'something-here' if it couldn't resolve the template from the message resource bundle?


Updated by ZAITAO HUANG almost 3 years ago

me too, I also encountered this problem

i don't how to solved.


Updated by ZAITAO HUANG almost 3 years ago

I have solved this problem.

first. XML code snippet incompete Example: HTML Templates XML code snippet incomplete.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<message id="WTemplate-example">
<div class="form">
<label>Please enter your name: ${name-edit}</label>
${save-button} ${cancel-button}

in c code :


auto t = root()->addWidget(Wt::cpp14::make_uniqueWt::WTemplate(Wt::WString::tr("WTemplate-example")));

t->bindWidget("name-edit", Wt::cpp14::make_uniqueWt::WLineEdit());

t->bindWidget("save-button", Wt::cpp14::make_uniqueWt::WPushButton("Save"));

t->bindWidget("cancel-button", Wt::cpp14::make_uniqueWt::WPushButton("Cancel"));

put the xml file: html_temp.xml project current directory

Also available in: Atom PDF