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Tutorials and Documentation - If possible, please improve

Added by Osman Zakir about 5 years ago.

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I hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries here by saying this.

I think the tutorials should be improved. Right now, we only have hands-on tutorials for the Hello World project and some database stuff. There needs to be more. I'd like to ask for tutorials for all of the classes, too. Just reading the documentation isn't enough for me (and maybe for some others, too). I need to be able DO things, too, or I can't learn much.

And the documentation for the HTTP Client is also lacking (I'm talking about that one specifically because I tried to read it since I want to use it for an app I want to make). I wanted to know how to get information from a website using a GET request with the .done() signal, but the information in the documentation for that class isn't enough for me to be able to understand how to do it without asking for help.

Again, I really hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries or being too rude here. That's not my intention.

Thanks in advance for any help or whatnot.

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