Bug #6037

[v3] WTable::deteteRow() doesn't delete contents, just the row.

Added by Vincenzo Romano about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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How to trigger the bug.

0. I create a table by using WTable::elementAt( i,j )->addWidget( aWidget ) (old content)

  1. I delete the rows of a table by cycling over WTable::deteteRow()
  2. I re-create the table by using again WTable::elementAt( i,j )->addWidget( aWidget ) (new content)

Actual result.

Each table cell has the new content appended to the old one.

Expected result.

Old content to be erased.


I suspect that the rows get deleted while the single cells are kept.

When I add the content (there's no "replace widget") this is added to the old one, thus appearing as "appended".


Updated by Vincenzo Romano about 5 years ago

I worked the bug around by adding a WTable::elementAt( i,j )->clear() before WTable::elementAt( i,j )->addWidget().

The documentation says that WTable::deleteRow()

Deletes a row and all its contents.

Simply calling WTable::removeCell() for all existing table cells is ineffective!

I suspect the bug could be there too.


Updated by Roel Standaert about 5 years ago

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Do you have a test case that reproduces your issue? I'm not sure if I fully understand your problem. It is working as expected for me.


Updated by Vincenzo Romano about 5 years ago

It's working for me too now.

I think it's been an oversight of mine. Sorry.

Please, close this issue.

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