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Signal not exposed

Added by Momo LALMI almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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My Wt Application v 3.3.9 is shutting down from time to time, I found the following errors on /var/log/apache2 (Debian 8.5 64-bit, Apache2 with FastCGI)

I read on some forums that when using WDialog, no other Widgets can receive events, but I have WTimer, WSocketNotifier, and other WObjects that can receive events even when widgets are not on top. Is there a way to know which object/widget has generated the error "Signal not exposed" ? Is there a way to continue the execution of the WT application even when these events are "not exposed" ?

Thank you in advance for your help,

[2018-May-27 12:06:40.378504] 2398 [/Recorder.fcgi Cr1yjZGhvfIqpFNZ] [error] "Wt: decodeSignal(): signal 's5278' not exposed"

[2018-May-27 13:38:01.529878] 2424 [/Recorder.fcgi GWY1cYzs2TmSQ2Td] [error] "Wt: decodeSignal(): signal 'oq81eik.itemEvent' not exposed"

[2018-May-26 14:07:21.925670] 4199 [/Recorder.fcgi fNDdOMvLmatgHhlN] [error] "Wt: decodeSignal(): signal 's120b' not exposed"

[2018-May-27 11:22:47.764590] 1729 [/Recorder.fcgi fhkU08MlbIoeUFUq] [error] "Wt: decodeSignal(): signal 'op5gnfj.itemEvent' not exposed"


Updated by Roel Standaert almost 5 years ago

Signals not being exposed should not normally cause a shutdown. They are simply ignored.

The activated() signal of WSocketNotifier does not pass through Wt's event handling mechanism since it does not come from the client, so it is not filtered.

WTimer is another special case. Its signals are also not filtered.

itemEvent appears to be related to WTreeView.

I'm not aware of a way to check this except for setting a breakpoint in WebSession.C. Especially line 1098, where it decides to ignore a signal because it determines that that particular widget is not exposed.

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