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Document that WRadioButton does not emit unChecked

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When one WRadioButton A is checked, and the user clicks on another WRadioButton B in the same WButtonGroup, this will emit WAbstractToggleButton::checked() for B, but not unChecked() for A.

This was an observation made by Stefan on the forum:

This is a consequence of the fact that the browser only emits the change event for the radio button that was clicked, not the one that is now automatically unchecked as a result.

I also looked at Qt's behavior:

  • clicked is emitted only for the one that has been clicked
  • toggled is emitted whenever the checked state changes

Since it's not straightforward to make WRadioButton emit unChecked (an EventSignal), and since this would be a change in existing behavior we should simply add some documentation to clarify that unChecked will not be emitted, and suggest using WButtonGroup::checkedChanged.


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