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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
465 Wt Bug Closed Urgent Wt session crashed after clicking a button twice rapidly to bring up a message box Koen Deforche 08/16/2010 09:40 AM Actions
1034 Wt Bug Closed Urgent wtwithqt example crashed when refresh frequently on the browser Koen Deforche 05/28/2012 10:22 PM Actions
3454 Wt Support Closed Urgent Wt::WPainter draw images which in memory as char array Koen Deforche 03/17/2015 08:18 AM Actions
5012 Wt Bug Closed High [3.3.6-rc2] PlaceholderText of WInPlaceEdit Koen Deforche 07/13/2016 05:07 PM Actions
1857 Wt Bug Closed High Access NULL pointer in WebSession.c Koen Deforche 08/20/2013 11:28 PM Actions
1374 Wt Bug Closed High Adding widgets to layout doesn't work! Koen Deforche 10/13/2012 02:47 PM Actions
1992 Wt Support Closed High Add static resource to main application path Koen Deforche 07/31/2013 11:49 AM Actions
2008 Wt Bug Closed High After WApplication::setLocale("en") there is a error on browser window "TypeError: c is undefined" Koen Deforche 08/26/2015 10:51 AM Actions
2300 Wt Support Closed High Artefacts in rendering WPaintedWidget Koen Deforche 03/09/2015 11:22 PM Actions
1677 Wt Bug Closed High Assert in WAxis.C at line 721 Koen Deforche 02/19/2013 09:06 PM Actions
1705 Wt Bug Closed High backward compatiblity of locale() Koen Deforche 03/26/2013 08:14 AM Actions
1128 Wt Bug Closed High Bugged tuple query Koen Deforche 03/30/2012 12:05 PM Actions
735 Wt Bug Closed High bug in treeview; git and wt-3.1.8 Koen Deforche 04/08/2011 04:00 PM Actions
901 Wt Bug Closed High bug: StdGridLayoutImpl.js in 3.1.10 Koen Deforche 09/23/2011 03:15 PM Actions
2053 Wt Bug Closed High Bug with ptr::remove() during stale object check Koen Deforche 07/31/2013 11:15 AM Actions
863 Wt Bug Closed High Bug:WTableView setRowHeaderCount(1) with hidden column Koen Deforche 07/08/2011 05:20 PM Actions
862 Wt Bug Closed High Bug:WTreeView display error in IE Koen Deforche 07/08/2011 05:20 PM Actions
866 Wt Bug Closed High Bug: WTreeView toggle(expand/collapse) button dosn't work when DEBUG is enabled in wt_config.xml. Koen Deforche 07/08/2011 05:20 PM Actions
2902 Wt Bug Rejected High build problems on netbsd Koen Deforche 03/09/2015 11:20 PM Actions
1712 Wt Bug Closed High CategoryScale labels are incorrectly drawn for more than 6 categories in 3.3.0-rc2 Koen Deforche 02/26/2013 09:24 PM Actions
4326 Wt Bug Closed High Chart::WAbstractChart::setAutoLayoutEnabled() and server side font metrics Koen Deforche 09/10/2015 10:03 PM Actions
1887 JWt Bug Closed High Click handler modifier regression ? Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 05:57 PM Actions
1390 Wt Feature Closed High Client side time Koen Deforche 08/20/2013 11:27 PM Actions
2404 Wt Support Closed High Communication between two web applications Koen Deforche 02/27/2014 03:13 PM Actions
3620 Wt Support Closed High Compiling code Koen Deforche 08/26/2015 10:45 AM Actions
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