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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2311 JWt Bug Rejected Normal WidgetSet application Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 06:03 PM Actions
2304 JWt Bug Rejected Normal Header Text not workigg right in 3.1.9 Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 06:04 PM Actions
2719 JWt Bug Closed Normal TreeView selection problem Koen Deforche 02/27/2014 12:16 AM Actions
2317 JWt Bug Closed Normal preventPropagation() does not work if the listener is not used Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 05:57 PM Actions
2220 JWt Bug Closed Normal Please release the examples into the public domain Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 07:30 PM Actions
2175 JWt Bug Closed Normal serving wt-resources with WtServlet Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 05:57 PM Actions
1933 JWt Bug Closed Normal popup menu in the navigation bar stops working if the parent menu item is clicked twice Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 06:22 PM Actions
1926 JWt Bug Closed Normal Crash on WCartesianChart object using a WAbstractItemModel which contains "empty values" Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 05:57 PM Actions
1891 JWt Feature Closed Normal Raise substantially the z-index for modal dialogs Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 05:57 PM Actions
1887 JWt Bug Closed High Click handler modifier regression ? Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 05:57 PM Actions
1886 JWt Bug Closed Normal Custom signal declaration requires WMouseEvent at the end Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 05:57 PM Actions
1883 JWt Bug Closed Normal Favicon precedence Koen Deforche 10/14/2013 10:50 PM Actions
1813 JWt Bug Closed Normal Missing documentation for WItemDelegate.setTextFormat() Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 05:57 PM Actions
1460 JWt Bug Closed High WDialog "finished" listeners are called twice Koen Deforche 10/29/2012 09:46 AM Actions
1454 JWt Bug Closed Low Unjustified warning "setLayout(layout, alignment)" Koen Deforche 10/29/2012 09:46 AM Actions
1453 JWt Bug Closed Normal Double click event sometimes ignored Koen Deforche 10/29/2012 09:46 AM Actions
1452 JWt Bug Closed Urgent Invalid chart url's Koen Deforche 10/29/2012 09:46 AM Actions
1378 JWt Bug Closed Normal erro in websession or WMemoryResource Koen Deforche 10/15/2013 03:40 AM Actions
1304 JWt Bug Closed Normal WComboBox: setValueText() not implemented Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 05:57 PM Actions
1231 JWt Bug Closed High Scrolling with left mouse button & dragging Koen Deforche 07/06/2012 12:48 PM Actions
1055 JWt Bug Closed Normal Notify application when its session times out or is invalidated. Koen Deforche 12/02/2011 02:54 PM Actions
496 JWt Feature Closed Normal Access to absolute base URL Koen Deforche 04/26/2011 12:38 PM Actions
399 JWt Bug Closed Normal canvas rendering goes wrong, when extra painting is done in the cartesian chart Koen Deforche 08/16/2010 09:56 AM Actions
5734 Wt Bug Rejected Urgent Signals are lost when widget moved to another WQApplication Koen Deforche 05/30/2017 02:00 PM Actions
3435 Wt Bug Rejected Normal No Wt::Key for digits, WKeyEvent::key() returns 0 for digits, while WKeyEvent::keyCode() returns right ascii value Koen Deforche 10/15/2014 03:54 PM Actions
2902 Wt Bug Rejected High build problems on netbsd Koen Deforche 03/09/2015 11:20 PM Actions
2859 Wt Feature Rejected Normal [EXAMPLES] Clarify Examples License Koen Deforche 03/25/2014 05:31 PM Actions
2842 Wt Feature Rejected Normal [EXAMPLES] Rename "oauth" to "auth" Koen Deforche 03/28/2014 06:47 PM Actions
2831 Wt Bug Rejected Normal [WT::Dbo] Session::find<T>() crashes after constraint failed exception on Session::add() Koen Deforche 10/19/2014 10:06 PM Actions
2820 Wt Bug Rejected Normal WText.h does not include TContainerWidget Koen Deforche 03/14/2014 04:28 PM Actions
2818 Wt Feature Rejected Normal [DBO] Provide the advertised "DRY" concept. Koen Deforche 03/25/2014 03:53 PM Actions
2405 Wt Support Rejected High Issues with FastCGI setup using Apache/mod_fcgid. Koen Deforche 02/27/2014 02:56 PM Actions
2097 Wt Bug Rejected Normal doJavaScript not working with IE Koen Deforche 08/08/2013 04:46 PM Actions
2063 Wt Bug Rejected Normal WDateTime : addSec and addMSec Koen Deforche 07/29/2013 12:48 PM Actions
1911 Wt Bug Rejected Normal Manual internal path edit Koen Deforche 08/20/2013 11:46 PM Actions
1803 Wt Bug Rejected Normal WPainter.drawRect with PNG draws nothing if cosmetic (default) pen is used Koen Deforche 04/01/2013 11:12 PM Actions
1718 Wt Bug Rejected Normal stop service httpd with -t parameter with value 100 Koen Deforche 08/20/2013 11:46 PM Actions
1199 Wt Bug Rejected Normal Require jquery mobile Koen Deforche 08/21/2013 12:15 AM Actions
891 Wt Bug Rejected Normal Use std::size_t for rowCount() and columnCount() values. Koen Deforche 08/20/2013 11:56 PM Actions
656 Wt Bug Rejected Normal Ext::ComboBox document style interference Koen Deforche 08/20/2013 11:54 PM Actions
270 Wt Bug Rejected Immediate WSlider setValue doesn't emit valueChanged Koen Deforche 08/21/2013 12:02 AM Actions
6629 Wt Bug Closed Normal WPdfImage logs libharu errors, produces incorrect output Koen Deforche 12/14/2018 04:31 PM Actions
5946 Wt Bug Closed Low TypeError: Wt3_3_8.$(...) Koen Deforche 11/09/2017 05:12 PM Actions
5432 Wt Support Closed Normal How to include Qt5 Library (QtCore QtGui QtWidgets QtDeclarative) into a Cmake Koen Deforche 11/22/2016 02:33 PM Actions
5279 Wt Bug Closed Normal Catching double click in WTableCell Koen Deforche 04/03/2017 12:47 PM Actions
5259 Wt Support Closed Low Does the built-in web server of Wt support https? If not, how to run https with Wt application? Koen Deforche 04/03/2017 12:50 PM Actions
5139 Wt Support Closed Normal Postgre query Koen Deforche 04/03/2017 01:33 PM Actions
5095 Wt Bug Closed High XSS vulnerability - through url Koen Deforche 07/13/2016 05:07 PM Actions
5094 Wt Bug Closed High DoS Vulnerability Koen Deforche 07/13/2016 05:07 PM Actions
5012 Wt Bug Closed High [3.3.6-rc2] PlaceholderText of WInPlaceEdit Koen Deforche 07/13/2016 05:07 PM Actions
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