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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1432 JWt Bug Closed Normal Wt internal error: SyntaxError: identifier starts immediately after numeric literal, code: undefined, description: undefined Wim Dumon 09/23/2013 12:26 PM Actions
497 JWt Bug Closed Normal WFlashObject - resize Wim Dumon 04/13/2011 01:14 PM Actions
4799 Wt Support Closed Immediate Hi Everyone! Can you help me with graphics? Wim Dumon 07/13/2016 05:06 PM Actions
3708 Wt Support Closed Immediate WGLWidget Wim Dumon 02/17/2015 12:42 PM Actions
1458 Wt Bug Closed Immediate Installing WT inWindows Wim Dumon 01/17/2013 03:19 PM Actions
1360 Wt Bug Closed Immediate Critical issue - Boost 1.50 breaks build (separate issue from previous) Wim Dumon 10/15/2012 09:29 AM Actions
987 Wt Support Closed Immediate Wt installation problems on Windows Wim Dumon 09/20/2011 12:05 PM Actions
777 Wt Bug Closed Immediate WRasterImage : compile error : no more round() in math.h with VISUAL STUDIO 2008 Wim Dumon 04/08/2011 04:00 PM Actions
701 Wt Bug Closed Immediate Integrated Development Environment Wim Dumon 01/27/2011 11:21 AM Actions
3226 Wt Bug Closed Urgent Disappering painted widget on Firefox (windows) Wim Dumon 08/26/2015 10:42 AM Actions
2649 Wt Support Closed Urgent Trying to get Wt working on OSX Mavericks Wim Dumon 03/17/2015 08:18 AM Actions
2243 Wt Support Closed Urgent Do NOT display image Wim Dumon 03/09/2015 10:48 PM Actions
2591 Wt Support Closed Urgent I am unable run isapi connector in wt Wim Dumon 03/09/2015 10:48 PM Actions
2299 Wt Bug Closed Urgent Reports not working Wim Dumon 10/22/2014 02:50 AM Actions
3561 Wt Bug Closed Urgent Problem installing Wt Wim Dumon 10/22/2014 02:28 AM Actions
2622 Wt Bug Closed Urgent FileUpload buttion spoolFileName path not showing Correctly in IIS server(wtisapi Connector) Wim Dumon 02/05/2014 06:13 PM Actions
2176 Wt Support Closed Urgent Emit signal from another thread to Wt main thread with parameters Wim Dumon 09/16/2013 05:02 PM Actions
1318 Wt Bug Closed Urgent Wt internal error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ) Wim Dumon 08/20/2013 11:52 PM Actions
1896 Wt Bug Closed Urgent WT GIT violating XHTML compliance Wim Dumon 08/20/2013 11:28 PM Actions
1752 Wt Bug Closed Urgent WT with GetProcAddress Wim Dumon 04/08/2013 03:31 PM Actions
881 Wt Bug Closed Urgent the application run on windows xp but collapses on windows xp embedded Wim Dumon 01/17/2013 03:18 PM Actions
1213 Wt Bug Closed Urgent AuthWidget crashes on logout after registration Wim Dumon 07/06/2012 01:34 PM Actions
755 Wt Bug Closed Urgent Problema al incluir Ext 2.1 a wt Wim Dumon 07/08/2011 05:20 PM Actions
604 Wt Bug Closed Urgent Compile Error (WT , BOOST 1.44 , MSVC 2008 ) : error C2491: 'boost::random_device::default_token' Wim Dumon 11/27/2010 08:29 PM Actions
516 Wt Bug Closed Urgent build failed on linking phase Wim Dumon 11/02/2010 10:33 AM Actions
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