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01:27 PM Wt Help: RE: Error running hello.wt example
In the installation guide here(assuming you are on Unix-like platforms): Plug Gulp


08:32 AM Wt Open discussion: RE: OAuth examples
Is this example not helpful?:
Plug Gulp


05:20 PM Wt Help: Base classes and DBO.
Is there a way to use base classes in `Dbo::ptr` and then use that for defining relationships between derived entitie... Plug Gulp


03:29 PM Wt Open discussion: GraphQL and REST.
Dear Wt team,
With the announcement of dropping IE support from Wt, I am guessing there would be some refactoring ...
Plug Gulp


04:10 AM Wt Help: Wt and audit trail/history table?
What is the best way to implement audit trail and history tables using Wt?
Also, on the same lines, what is the be...
Plug Gulp


11:00 PM Wt Help: Is there a way to create a 'Wt::Dbo::ptr' from 'this' pointer?
Say I have Dbo classes `Mother` and `Child`. The relation between them is One-to-many. The `Mother` class has a metho... Plug Gulp


02:49 PM Wt Help: Any specific reason why Wt::Dbo::ForeignKeyConstraint is not an enum?
As the title says. Plug Gulp


12:56 AM Wt Help: RE: Send HTTP status from app
If you could explain what HTTP status you are trying to send to the client and why, then it will be easy to provide s... Plug Gulp


12:24 PM Wt Help: RE: Release Memory used by Widgets
Please could you try these:
Here is the documentation:
Plug Gulp


07:41 PM Wt Help: RE: Release Memory used by Widgets
Would you be able to run valgrind[0] on your program? What does it report?
Plug Gulp

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