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JWt Developer 04/30/2012
Wt Developer 04/30/2012



04:04 PM JWt Bug #6339 (New): JWt widget gallery nav bar title is Wt widget gallery (should be JWt?)

Michael Vilsker
04:02 PM JWt Bug #6338 (New): widget gallery: mvc tree is empty
The tree is empty.
Michael Vilsker


03:09 PM Wt Feature #6287 (Closed): File drop capture all the screen screen option.
Currently if you drop a file outside the drag and drop zone of file upload it will replace the screen with the file c... Michael Vilsker


05:31 PM Wt Bug #4580 (Implemented @Emweb): WTableView/WAbstractItemView keyWentDown() signal not firing

Michael Vilsker


05:00 PM Wt Bug #4509 (Implemented @Emweb): Deleting empty layout segfault
Thanks for the patch
Michael Vilsker


07:20 PM Wt Support #3173 (Resolved): WPieCharts unprintable to PDF with 1 or 0 items.

Michael Vilsker
07:20 PM Wt Support #3173: WPieCharts unprintable to PDF with 1 or 0 items.
Hey Denis,
I could not reproduce the error message (maybe we use different versions of haru).
There was a problem ...
Michael Vilsker
06:05 PM Wt Feature #3223 (Resolved): Removing WCssStyleSheet
You will find the changes in git soon.
Michael Vilsker
06:04 PM Wt Bug #3170 (Resolved): Wt-3.3.2 : setDraggable and mouseWentUp are not compatible
The changes will appear in git soon.
Note: on firefox right click will call the default menu and mouse event but on...
Michael Vilsker


02:44 PM Wt Bug #3266 (Feedback): can not set new layout

Michael Vilsker

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