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10:38 PM Wt Bug #7871 (New): stuck "Loading..." indication
I have a wt widget element embedded in my page. The page is often used in a mobile environment where the wt websocket... mat Sch


06:20 AM Wt Bug #5666: ipv6 not working
It looks like it is related to CORS and the browser checking the policy before sending the request. The page is loade... mat Sch


09:11 PM Wt Bug #5666: ipv6 not working
Thanks Roel,
I'm sourcing the widget in javascript using ajax. The address that i'm using is http://\[fe80::201:29ff...
mat Sch


08:28 PM Wt Feature #5667 (Closed): Listen on IPv6 + IPv4
There should be a way to configure a wt server to listen on both a IPv4 and IPv6 port.
mat Sch
08:26 PM Wt Bug #5666 (Closed): ipv6 not working
I'm attempting to get a standalone WT server known to work on IPv4 to work on IPv6. I'm using wt 3.3.6 libs. I change... mat Sch


12:16 AM Wt Help: IPv6 not working
I'm attempting to get a WT server known to work on IPv4 to work on IPv6. I changed the ---http-address to 0::...
mat Sch


08:13 PM Wt Bug #4472 (Closed): dedicated-process doesn't work with SSL
I have a widget that exposes a http port and a https port for listening. The widget doesn't load if I try to access i... mat Sch


09:01 PM Wt Bug #4465 (Closed): dedicated-process insists on chunking response
Even if a content length is specified the proxy sends a chunked response in addition to the content length. This caus... mat Sch
08:02 PM Wt Bug #4464 (Feedback): instability with dedicated-process whttpd server configuration
I'm running a server that's handling about 40 clients with traffic constantly going back and forth between server and... mat Sch


08:58 PM Wt Bug #4417: whttp connector and max-num-sessions not working
-with all browsers it works perfectly over a LAN for 80+ connected client with lots of activity. It's been working we... mat Sch

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