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03:39 PM Wt Bug #5095: XSS vulnerability - through url
Unescaped url (as pasted on address bar)
Erhan Aydın
03:38 PM Wt Bug #5095 (Closed): XSS vulnerability - through url
I can run scripts through url (tested on Mozilla Firefox):'\"---&gt;
Erhan Aydın
03:04 PM Wt Bug #5094 (Closed): DoS Vulnerability
Using the hangman example provided on the, I could reproduce a DoS vulnerability we encountered on our ... Erhan Aydın


09:03 AM Wt Help: RE: Spooling uploaded file twice
Thanks Wim. I got it now.
Erhan Aydın


12:38 PM Wt Help: Spooling uploaded file twice
Hello all,
As we saw, uploaded files are spooled to /tmp twice. After upload is completed, a second file is generat...
Erhan Aydın
08:58 AM Wt Help: Slow and frequently interrupted uploads with Wt 3.3.4
Since we updated our witty version to 3.3.4, our uploads using WFileUpload are extremely slow regardless of network s... Erhan Aydın


07:32 AM Wt Help: RE: Mysterious segfault on
It has been 3 days now but no crashes.
What I did was just to handle the SIGHUP signal.
Wim, you rock!
Erhan Aydın


06:38 AM Wt Help: Mysterious segfault on
We have been struggling with a mysterious segfault on
When we first saw the problem, our wthttp...
Erhan Aydın


11:27 AM Wt Bug #3810: WContainerWidget size stuck to its minimumSize
Update: Issue is present on all browsers
Erhan Aydın
11:25 AM Wt Help: RE: Resize problems with setMinimumSize
I created an issue ticket for this:
Erhan Aydın

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