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09:51 PM Wt Feature #2911 (New): WModelIndex::data() and WStandardItem::data() have different default arguments
It would be better if
boost::any Wt::WStandardItem::data(int role = UserRole) const
boost::any Wt::WModelIndex::da...
David Betz


05:13 AM Wt Help: WMenu::contents()
Examining the function WMenuItem::contents(), it seems that 2 different widgets may be returned:
WWidget *WMenuI...
David Betz


05:43 AM Wt Help: RE: Memory leak in the Postgres backend?
Ooops, my bad. Now I see the break.
David Betz


07:59 PM Wt Help: Memory leak in the Postgres backend?
I was looking over the postgres backend Postgres.C. I came across the following code:
virtual void execute()
David Betz
01:09 AM Wt Help: Wt::Dbo join tables do not add foreign key constraints
Using Wt::Dbo, I have classes Class and Student and a many-to-many relation between them. Class and Student use the d... David Betz


03:42 AM Wt Help: RE: Sharing a WTableView across WContainerWidgets
I guess, Koen, that what I was wondering about is if I could reparent a WTreeView to the new layer each time a new la... David Betz


11:57 PM Wt Help: Sharing a WTableView across WContainerWidgets
I have a WStackedWidget. Many of the different layers of WStackedWidget display a WTreeView based on a common WStanda... David Betz


06:45 PM Wt Help: RE: Type of id in Wt::Dbo
Awesome. Thanks, Koen.
David Betz
05:58 PM Wt Support #2244 (Closed): WModelIndex::depth should be public
I have had to reimplement WModelIndex::depth because it is private in WModelIndex. Could we make WModelIndex::depth p... David Betz


06:17 AM Wt Help: Drag and Drop from WTableView1 to WTableView2
I have a use case in which I would like users to be able to select from a long list of rows in WTableView1, and drag ... David Betz

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