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05:38 pm Wt Help: RE: "No disc in drive E:"
Wt first checks the @-c@ switch, then it checks the @WT_CONFIG_XML@ environment variable, then it checks if there is ...
05:06 pm Wt Help: RE: "No disc in drive E:"
Hm, that could be something to do with our build. The drive that Wt is being compiled on on our build server is the E...


11:55 am Wt Bug #6209 (Resolved): Wt 4.0.2 doesn't compile with boost 1.66
Yes, this is already fixed on the master branch.


02:04 pm Wt Bug #6205: Wt Error : Wt: invalid ackId
Have you tried it with Wt 3.3.9 yet?


12:45 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: pthread_mutex_lock error when using Wt_3.3.9 with boost_1.65.1 and debian_9.1.0
I looked a bit closer at the valgrind output, and I'm seeing something very peculiar: it is using both Boost.Signals ...


05:52 pm Wt Help: RE: Is still there an online v3 Widget Gallery?
We don't have a Wt 3 widget gallery deployed at the moment. You can of course always build and launch it yourself, an...
05:01 pm Wt Feature #6195: Boost::Beast HTTP/S and WebSockets library
I've looked into Beast a little bit before, and I'm not sure what the benefit would be to use Beast over our current ...
04:57 pm Wt Bug #6198 (Resolved): Missing Libraries in GIT master Build
I applied the patch with some minor changes, adding @PUBLIC@ and @PRIVATE@ appropriately, see the latest commit on ma...
04:00 pm Wt Bug #6199 (Resolved): Error building Wt 4 with Boost 1.66
This has already been resolved on the master branch.


06:14 pm Wt Help: RE: PDF Mutipage with Headings..
How this could be done wasn't entirely clear for me either. I created a little example that shows one approach to thi...

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