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03:24 pm Wt Bug #7036: Misleading websocket connect failure message under some conditions
Maybe it should kill the session if it's brand new, but I don't think an origin mismatch in general should ever cause...


02:34 pm Wt Help: RE: WPushButton with both a connect() and a link
If you set a link, clicking the button makes the browser immediately navigate to that link (without a client-server r...


01:02 pm Wt Bug #7093: Deadlock when chaining http-requests
Ok, sorry for the confusion. I do observe this myself now. Not sure why it would hang like that, though.
12:33 pm Wt Bug #7093: Deadlock when chaining http-requests
Or... do you mean that you are actually just doing that one while loop and nothing else? That would be strange.
12:25 pm Wt Bug #7093: Deadlock when chaining http-requests
Wt submits tasks to a pool of by default 10 threads. If all of those 10 threads are busy, it can't do anything else.
11:59 am Wt Bug #7093: Deadlock when chaining http-requests
How many of those curl processes are you running at the same time when you observe this issue?


05:12 pm Wt Bug #7093 (Feedback): Deadlock when chaining http-requests
Isn't this just a result of you using up all of threads in the pool in that busy wait loop?
WServer has a fixed si...


12:31 pm Wt Bug #7082 (Assigned): Regression WStackedWidget in layout with overflow can lose scrollbar on ani...
It also bothers me that you need to set the top layout's preferred implementation to JavaScript in order to make the ...
10:52 am Wt Bug #7081 (Resolved): Regression: js error with globalEscapePressed
Good catch. obj is the @window@ object in that case. I pushed a fix.


01:16 pm Wt Bug #6817: [v3][v4]][Dbo] Force the inclusion of file Wt/Dbo/Dbo (or Wt/Dbo/Dbo.h vor v4)
Correction: they're not so much "forward declarations", but just "declarations".

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