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08:32 am Wt Bug #7505 (Resolved): 4.3.0 Windows Compile Error: WRasterImage-d2d1.C
Ok, I enabled @DirectWrite@ when using @MinGW@, and also set @Direct2D@ to be enabled by default. I also changed the ...
07:59 am Wt Help: RE: Replace Pixel Map from from the package Qt in package Wt
Had to look those things up, because I'm less familiar with Qt.
I assume you're referring to @QPixmap@? It think t...


05:49 pm Wt Bug #7505: 4.3.0 Windows Compile Error: WRasterImage-d2d1.C
Right, so the issue must be that earlier on, CMake does not set @HAVE_DIRECTWRITE@ to true.
01:25 pm Wt Bug #7505: 4.3.0 Windows Compile Error: WRasterImage-d2d1.C
That's surprising, we always do our Windows builds with Direct2D. But you're using MinGW, maybe?
09:04 am Wt Bug #7060 (Closed): clientAddress behind proxy
09:03 am Wt Feature #7240 (Closed): Use WLogger as a fa├žade for custom logger implementations?
09:03 am Wt Bug #7404 (Closed): Popup Dialogs are cut off at Panel boundaries (Wt 4.2.0)
09:03 am Wt Feature #7444 (Closed): Add support for login and encryption to the email client
09:03 am Wt Bug #7499 (Closed): 4.3.0rc1: MinGW Linker Error in libwtdbo.dll


05:06 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: Client address and Forwarded header...
> I am using 4.1.2 and that method was in WEnvironment. Looks like it was moved to WebRequest.
Yes, it was refacto...

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