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03:35 pm Wt Bug #7396: WTreeView not working when hidden during construction
It indeed did not work in Wt 3 either. I guess if a @WPanel@ was placed in a layout, it would react to resizes. In th...


06:06 pm Wt Bug #7405 (Resolved): segmentation fault: tab at beginning of header line in http request
I pushed a commit removing support line folding in headers, so requests like this will get a 400 error instead of a c...
03:21 pm Wt Bug #7396 (Assigned): WTreeView not working when hidden during construction
This issue was already partially fixed on the @master@ and @4.2-release@ branches. The remaining issue seems to have ...
10:24 am Wt Bug #7424: WContainerWidget::setContentAlignment() has no effect when item is hidden
I don't immediately see a good reason why we would forget the value of that property, so I don't think that's by desi...


04:48 pm Wt Help: RE: Open a new tab
Yes, but the way that that can be accomplished, is by not generating the file in a slot connected to the button, but ...
04:29 pm Wt Help: RE: Open a new tab
There's an example of such a @WResource@ in the widget gallery:
04:26 pm Wt Help: RE: Open a new tab
What I most often do is create a @WResource@ that generates the file in @handleRequest()@ when requested.


01:39 pm Wt Help: RE: WLeafletMap::WidgetMarker.setAnchorPoint creates new divs
Hello Ulf,
Have you noticed any more issues after my fix?
10:58 am Wt Feature #7418 (New): Bootstrap 4 theme
Currently, Wt has support for Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 (defaulting to Bootstrap 2 when WBootstrapTheme is used).
09:58 am Wt Feature #7417 (New): HiDPI canvas for WPaintedWidget
It may be nice to render our WPaintedWidgets on a higher resolution canvas on High DPI displays.
See also: https:/...

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