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10:09 PM Wt Support #8278: Invisible widget
I mean 'scrolled out of view'.
I have several widgets on my web-page. All of them are created using widgetset feat...
Alex Fedorov


10:33 PM Wt Support #8278 (New): Invisible widget
I have 20 widgets that are updated not very fast. Only 2 of them are visible but paintEvent is called for all of them... Alex Fedorov


05:48 AM Wt Support #8158: WT application initialization in HTML file
I have found solution here:
Alex Fedorov


05:27 AM Wt Support #8158 (New): WT application initialization in HTML file
I want to create several embedded WT widgets and initialized them in HTML file. I want to send a text message to the ... Alex Fedorov


06:37 AM Wt Bug #8157 (New): Message box initiated in embedded widget can't show icon
I started local server with my widget. The config file is attached. HTML file that run my application in widgetset mo... Alex Fedorov


10:07 PM Wt Bug #8156 (New): X-Frame-Option=SAMEORIGIN doesn't let my application be visualized inside iframe
I call local server application inside iFrame. I see an empty iframe box in browser end error: "Refused to display 'h... Alex Fedorov
09:24 PM Wt Support #8151: XMLHttpRequest error
This is my configuration file:
<application-settings location="*">
Alex Fedorov
05:36 AM Wt Support #8151 (New): XMLHttpRequest error
I'm trying to add my Wt-based widget to an existing HTML page. I create and start a local server with default configu... Alex Fedorov
05:26 AM Wt Support #8108: Embedded widget
I found the problem solution here: Alex Fedorov


10:58 PM Wt Support #8108: Embedded widget
I see the same situation like in issue opened 6 years ago:
Is there someth...
Alex Fedorov

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