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11:57 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: wtMapbox (mapbox classes for webtoolkit)
Forgot the link for the window binary:
yvan vander sanden
11:54 PM Wt Open discussion: wtMapbox (mapbox classes for webtoolkit)
In preparation for a bigger project i'd like to realize with wt, i've created some classes to use Mapbox with i...
yvan vander sanden


03:03 PM Wt Help: RE: JSON library bug?
I was facing the same problem. The problem lies within the reference manual.
It gives this example:
yvan vander sanden


02:22 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: building on Visual Studio 2015
I also had this problem about boost using the vc120 version. In my case I was working with VS2013 before, and switche... yvan vander sanden


12:36 PM Wt Help: RE: Wt::Dbo::ptr null dereference
Are you sure the exception is generated by find, and not by what you do with the null ptr afterwards? I guess somwthi... yvan vander sanden


11:14 PM Wt Help: RE: loading script after google map api has been loaded?
I was struggling with the same, but I still trouble filling in the blanks with the information above. Eventually I ca... yvan vander sanden


08:23 PM Wt Help: RE: setStyleClass doesn't clear the current style
Ok, I still don't know why btn-default doesn't get cleared, but I fixed the issue by moving the btn-default declarati... yvan vander sanden
05:22 PM Wt Help: impossible includes with Visual Studio
Suppose you define two classes (Project and User) for a database. There is a relationship between the field "owner" a... yvan vander sanden


07:41 PM Wt Help: setStyleClass doesn't clear the current style
I'm unable to replace a style class on a button. Using this code:
Wt::WTemplate * t = new Wt::WTemplate(Wt...
yvan vander sanden


06:53 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: drag & drop uploads
Hi Daniel.
Just noticed your answer just now. But I can certainly use this code. Thanks for sharing!
yvan vander sanden

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