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01:35 AM Wt Bug #5477 (Closed): WT 3.3.6/4 fail to build on Visual Studio 2015 with Boost 1.63
After upgrading from Boost 1.62 to 1.63 I found this problem while building WT on both 3.3.6 and 4 branches:
Isaac Lascasas


03:54 AM Wt Open discussion: RE: Enabling https support
My website ssl is working right now. However I'm still confused about certificate file concatenation in a particular ... Isaac Lascasas


06:17 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Enabling https support
Kohen as allways I am owerwhelmed by your continuous support. Adding that info to the wiki would be awesome. I have t... Isaac Lascasas
06:26 AM Wt Open discussion: Enabling https support
Hello I am trying to enable https within Wt server, however it seems way too much complicated for a person without we... Isaac Lascasas


08:12 PM Wt Open discussion: Wt's own HTTP Server for Production
I would like to know the main differences between using the bundled http server and using Apache for example....
Isaac Lascasas


03:37 AM Wt Bug #4060: WLineEdit::changed() trouble
Wt 3.3.4 built for msvc12 x64 / boost 1.56. Everything seems to work after updating and textInput does the job. Thanks.
Isaac Lascasas


11:25 PM Wt Bug #4060 (Closed): WLineEdit::changed() trouble
Hello I have a WLineEdit with a WSuggestionPopup, it seems that I can't find a good way to detect when the text has c... Isaac Lascasas


11:59 PM Wt Support #3909: Best Way to Keep a Session Between Tabs
Thanks for the quick response. This helps me a lot.
Isaac Lascasas


06:54 PM Wt Support #3909 (Closed): Best Way to Keep a Session Between Tabs
Hello, I have been learning Wt for some months now. So far I'm very satisfied with the library, I appreciate a lot yo... Isaac Lascasas


04:04 AM Wt Bug #3676: WLineEdit::keyWentUp doesn't detect backspace, delete, etc.
The problem has gone with 3.3.4rc1. I think it was on my side, related with boost not being rebuilt after updating th... Isaac Lascasas

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