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03:16 AM Wt Open discussion: Looking for Wt/C++ Programer for Small Projects
We are looking for a experienced Wt/C programmer that we could hire for small projects.
We have been working on a Wt...
James Rempel


05:00 PM Wt Open discussion: Form Validation
Our form fields that require form validation all show "has-error" in the css on load. How can we get this to only dis... James Rempel
04:38 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: WT Freelancers anywhere?
Hi Peter,
What is your time line? We may be able to help you out? However we are currently working on another proje...
James Rempel


10:17 PM Wt Open discussion: Meta Tags & Titles
Is there a way to have different Meta Tags, such as content and keywords, as well as different titles set for each in... James Rempel


12:59 AM Wt Help: RE: Drag and Drop on Mobile
Any updates on this?
James Rempel


11:29 PM Wt Help: RE: AuthWidget
Has there been anything on this? Trying to do the same with our project.
James Rempel


09:02 PM Wt Bug #4516 (Feedback): WFileUpload not redering on IE & Edge
WFileUpload does not render correctly on IE or Edge. This happens both with our app as well as with the example in th... James Rempel


08:34 PM Wt Help: RE: TableView using bootstrap style
Thanks for this information. It helped me to find some of what I was looking for.
Wim, the example in the W...
James Rempel


07:46 PM Wt Help: RE: [Wt 3.3.0] Bootstrap js from theme
Has there been any progress made on this? Was trying to call a javascript library and its appears as if its not loadi... James Rempel


06:58 PM Wt Help: RE: WVideo issue with Chrome mobile app
Here is the a snippet of some of the code. It is working everywhere else we have tried it so far.
WVideo \* player =...
James Rempel

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