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12:42 am Wt Feature #7675: Avoid Huge Heap Allocation in CgiParser for File Uploads
I'm sorry. I made some wrong assumptions and didn't look closely enough at the conditionals and scoping. Thanks for r...


09:58 pm Wt Feature #7675 (Closed): Avoid Huge Heap Allocation in CgiParser for File Uploads
In the CgiParser::parse function a buffer is allocated to hold the entire request. The request is then read into the ...


07:43 pm Wt Feature #7528 (New): Official Forward Declaration Support
I find myself forward declaring the same classes from Wt a lot (dozens of files):...


05:17 pm Wt Feature #7385: More Dynamic Paths
I had similar doubts about regex. I'm currently trying to implement this as a WResource, which also handles dispatchi...
05:13 pm Wt Support #7384: [WServer::addResource] "/" vs "/foo"
Thank you for the explanation. I was able to modify docroot to get my expected behavior. I'll have to see about incor...


11:33 pm Wt Feature #7385 (New): More Dynamic Paths
I'm using WServer::addResource to add several resources to my application, which works great, but I've found that the...
11:05 pm Wt Support #7384 (Closed): [WServer::addResource] "/" vs "/foo"
I'm running a wthttp server behind a reverse proxy (nginx) that I want to add a resource to. When I add the resource ...


03:54 pm Wt Feature #1113: Send logs to SYSLOG Server using RFC 5424
I was looking for this today too. Though I would more interested in Wt using the syslog() function, and the actual de...


10:25 pm Wt Bug #7063: Wt::WTreeView Scrolling
We tested the latest on master and it was fixed. Thanks for the quick turn around.


07:21 pm Wt Bug #7063 (Closed): Wt::WTreeView Scrolling
We're trying to upgrade from Wt 3.3.7 to Wt 4.0.5 and are having problems getting the virtual scrolling (or any scrol...

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