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05:47 PM Wt Help: RE: LDAP auth
Hi Leon,
did you get ldap auth working?
I am interested to know how it works.
Can you contribute the code?
Stefano Martini


06:19 PM Wt Bug #4767: WPopupMenu in WTableView
Hi Max,
You can make you code working by modifing the ShowPopupMenu method in this way:
void ShowPopupMenu( const ...
Stefano Martini


12:59 PM Wt Help: RE: Wt::Dbo::belongsTo
Hi Koen.
That could be a solution.
In the meantime I develop my applications without Wt::Dbo.
Thank for the repl...
Stefano Martini
11:05 AM Wt Help: RE: Wt::Dbo::belongsTo
thank you for the reply.
Unfortunately that do not sole the problem.
This is the error:
terminate calle...
Stefano Martini


05:31 PM Wt Help: Wt::Dbo::belongsTo
Hi all,
I am writing a simple program which needs to read data from a mysql database.
The database has 2 tables:
Stefano Martini


12:12 PM Wt Help: Simple Authentication
Hi guys,
I have to make a web application that needs user authentication using wt-3.3.5.
The user's information a...
Stefano Martini


01:25 PM Wt Help: RE: wt-3.3.5 compile error
Thank you for replying.
Finally I was able to compile the library using gcc version 4.8.5 on a Centos 7 x86\_64.
Stefano Martini


10:36 AM Wt Help: wt-3.3.5 compile error
Hi guys,
I am a Centos user and wanted to try wt as I am a C/C programmer.
The wt RPM package available for my Ce...
Stefano Martini

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