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06:33 PM Wt Open discussion: building wt and boost with clang using modules
after a while I am back to WT ;)
I am happy to see WT alive and as always in good shape!
Did anybody successfu...
mobi phil


11:49 AM Wt Feature #299 (New): WCaptcha needed
Would be useful to have a captcha control.
Please read the email conversation about the topic:
Wim Dumon to witty-i...
mobi phil


03:20 PM Wt Feature #297 (New): WTextArea default style improvement
I think in most of the use cases one would avoid to set the number of columns, and would expect instead that the text... mobi phil


10:40 PM Wt Feature #294 (Closed): WText and WTextArea improvement proposal
Extra (optional) string attribute (indication text) that would be shown as long the WText and WTextArea are initializ... mobi phil


04:31 PM Wt Feature #287 (Closed): Extend features of titlebar area of WPanel
often it makes sense to put in the place of the title of a WPanel an anchor, line edit, etc., or combination of contr... mobi phil

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