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09:54 AM Wt Bug #4116 (Feedback): Reset of WTimer interval on stop and start
I try to reset the WTimer interval with a combination of stop() and start(), but it continues on the previously set i... Markus Wolters
09:29 AM Wt Open discussion: How to reset WTimer timeout?
Hi everyone,
I have the situation, that I have to reset the timer interval if an event happens (nothing special here...
Markus Wolters


06:32 PM Wt Help: RE: Best way to connect wt to another app
true xmlrpc uses http as transport, I think. But I could imagine a stripped down version with json and plain tcp...
Markus Wolters


08:52 PM Wt Help: RE: Best way to connect wt to another app
Hi Koen,
unfortunately there is no desktop client yet. I'm undecided if I should choose json- or xmlrpc. Do you know...
Markus Wolters


12:13 PM Wt Help: Best way to connect wt to another app
after playing with wt a bit I want to try a real app. I already have a qt based server, for that I need one or m...
Markus Wolters


07:14 PM Wt Help: Image is growing with every update
I've created a class messagebox derived from WContainerWidget, holding two WContainerWidget (notify and contentd...
Markus Wolters
06:58 PM Wt Help: RE: How to request and parse a xml file?
Curl works fine, thanks a lot...
Markus Wolters


12:45 PM Wt Help: How to request and parse a xml file?
I need to download a xml file from another side on a regular base, parsing its data when download is finished. I...
Markus Wolters


06:15 PM Wt Help: How to start a wt program right?
Hi everybody,
is there a wt way to start a wt programm without any output? I've already defined a log directory in w...
Markus Wolters


05:59 PM Wt Help: RE: [error] "SocketNotifier: select returned -1"
Shame on me. Figured out already what my problem was (beside of coding skills ;) )
I have forgotten to uncomment th...
Markus Wolters

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