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10:13 am Wt Help: RE: WRasterImage with Wt 3.3.7 RC 2 Windows binaries
Hi Blaine,
That is correct. We've noticed it becomes more and more difficult to support skia on all compilers we w...


11:02 am Wt Open discussion: RE: PDF in new tab
Hey Ron,
I my answer in this thread sufficient?
10:52 am Wt Open discussion: RE: Display PDF in browser
Combine Wt::WFileResource (makes a local file accessible over a private URL) and Wt::Anchor (makes a hyperl...


04:44 pm Wt Support #5594: wt4 build using VS 2017 RTM?
Hey Gunnar,
I've used 2017 preview releases to build Wt, using the traditional approach (so not with the integrate...


11:24 am Wt Help: RE: WTableView/WItemDelegate custom
That is certainly possible by using CSS selectors. By embedding your tableview in a wcontainerwidget with a p...


01:38 pm Wt Help: RE: Customize Wt/auth generated login page
Additionally, if you want to customize the layout more than just through CSS, you can load your own version of the me...


04:08 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: Any captcha widget?
Hey Vitali,
No, not that I know of.
On the other hand, we haven't seen much problems in this area for the websi...


02:42 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: Searching Wt expert
Hey Galina,
Emweb provides such services, and we do have quite some Wt expertise ;-)
Best regards,


01:17 pm Wt Support #5494: Binary size doubled with recent version of Wt
Hi Hugo,
I must admit that we don't always check the binary size of Wt. There are many more features in Wt now tha...


04:09 pm Wt Help: RE: Problems in Building Intro Hello World App in VS 2015
Set the path where this file (libboost_date_time-vc140-mt-gd-1_59.lib) is located as library directory for the linker...

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