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12:42 pm Wt Help: RE: WDialog accepting only XHTMLUnsafeText and not XHTMLText
Wt's XSS filter uses an XML parser to parse the HTML fragments passed to it, in order to test if known a...
12:35 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: WtHTTP with ssl (WtHTTPs)
See also our FAQ: http://redmine.emweb.be/projects/wt/wiki/Frequently_Asked_Questions#Q-How-do-I-use-the-built-in-HTT...


01:06 pm JWt Help: RE: Does not start jwt-hello with jwt-3.3.8
Great :-) Thanks for letting us know.


10:32 pm Wt Help: RE: Wt4: Cannot perform Http::Client + ssl
this may be a problem in the windows build. We link against openssl, but as part of the Wt installation, we ...
10:27 pm Wt Help: RE: wt with qtobject / QTimer
You must always have the WApplication::UpdateLock() before you can access the widget tree of a WApplicatio...
10:16 pm Wt Help: RE: Restart the event loop / triggerUpdate
hey Daniel,
You don't seem to call WApplication::enableUpdates() anywhere? You need to do so to indicate to the br...
06:34 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: WDialog add extra argument to signal
This looks ok. Do you have a problem when you do this?
There's probably a small mistake in your code, since you'll...
06:05 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: List of logged in users
The general idea is quite simple: user a mutex-protected global variable (eg an std::vector). When a user log...
05:51 pm Wt Help: RE: HTML <meta> tags in Wt?
It was referring to the fact that setting meta headers works with the built in http connector.
If you want to retr...


11:59 am Wt Help: RE: WPainter.drawImage(svg)
Hey Ulf,
I would expect this to work in wt, if this javascript works. Did you test it?
Note: if draing svg imag...

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