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12:00 pm Wt Bug #2985: "sudo make install" doesn't ensure proper file permissions
Hi Vincenzo,
We're using cmake's standard install command for installing files. I believe it's more appropriate to...
11:41 am Wt Bug #5470 (Assigned): WTableView::selectionChanged() signal isn't emitted after upgrading from 3....
11:37 am Wt Open discussion: RE: Bootstrap templates
For the applications we write in Wt, we separate the looks from the functionality by relying a lot on WTemp...
11:28 am Wt Help: RE: IPv6 not working
Hey Mat,
It's been a while since I tested IPv6 with Wt. Can you create an issue for this, so that we can assign it...
11:26 am Wt Help: RE: WFileResource, internal paths, and nginx proxy_pass
I have no idea why nginx tries to access this URL as a local file, whereas it should be forwarded to http://e...


05:39 pm Wt Wiki edit: Cross_compile_Wt_on_Raspberry_Pi (#4)
11:45 am Wt Feature #3910: Windows binaries for MinGW
Wt compiles fine with mingw, it's part of our automated build tests. Providing binary builds is, still f...


11:42 am Wt Open discussion: RE: Wt CRUD demo
We have written a note on our whishlist.
Best regards,


03:44 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: wt as ui for c++ game (opengl) or application
There's WGlWidget, which allows for 3D rendering in the browser. Whether a server-side framework is suitable for all ...
12:25 pm Wt Feature #3896 (Closed): OpenSSL will release 1.0.1m on 2015-03-19

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