Bug #3649

Boostrap causes wrong height calculation of a WLineEdit widget inside a collapsible WPanel

Added by Michael Riss about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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I embedded a WLineEdit widget into a collapsible WPanel. With the default theme there are no problems, the WLineEdit widget has the expected height of one line of text.

But when using the bootstrap theme the height calculation of the WLineEdit widget goes wrong somewhere.

Effect a)

The initial calculation already causes the WLineEdit widget to have a height which is too big and therefore it extends out of the containing WPanel. This happens on all tested browsers (all running on Linux).

- Google Chrome 40.0.2209.0 dev(64-bit)

- Firefox ESR 31.2.0

- Konqueror 4.12.5

  • Opera 12.16, Build 1860

Effect b)

On some browsers, the height calculation of the WLineEdit widget keeps getting worse (grows bigger) every time the WPanel is collapsed and expanded. The height of the WPanel is growing with the height of the WLineEdit, but the WLineEdit consistently extends out of the WPanel.

Affected browsers (all on Linux):

- Google Chrome 40.0.2209.0 dev(64-bit)

  • Konqueror 4.12.5

Browsers not affected:

- Firefox ESR 31.2.0

  • Opera 12.16, Build 1860


Using the browser debug tools I found the {


height: px;



entry. This entry is only present with the bootstrap theme and it controls the WLineEdit height. It also grows on the browsers affected by effect b). With the default theme, however, this entry does not exist (and therefore cannot cause the problems?).

I attach demonstration code for this bug.

Files (6.66 KB) Code example demonstrating the bug. Michael Riss, 11/05/2014 08:07 PM

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