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10:41 am Wt Open discussion: RE: website URL catchall
The solution I would propose is to deploy the app at "/" of your server, and indicate in the docroot all stat...


12:17 pm Wt Help: RE: Using sql_value_traits with unsigned integers (uint64_t, uint32_t etc)
Most databases do not support unsigned integer types (and the standard doesn't specify them), asfaik. The design of t...


12:02 pm Wt Help: RE: Dbo does not persist changes to fields, only collections
Wt::Dbo only takes a call to 'modify()' as an indication that you are modifying the object. But it will flush...


03:43 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: session exiting with dirty objects..need help to resolve this.
That must be caused by an upstream error (exception) which caused a rollback, or a pointer (memory issue)...


08:19 pm Wt Open discussion: RE: Wt::Dbo::Transaction best practices
The design is so that in a function, of which you don't want to assume how and when it will be called, and if...


04:54 pm Wt Help: RE: Now guys wt c ++ will also be in Qml development of a look at the attached qml wml fram...
In addition, checkout the wtwithqt example which shows how to have compatibility between the two libraries.
08:39 am Wt Help: RE: Now guys wt c ++ will also be in Qml development of a look at the attached qml wml fram...
Looks cool! How does that work and what does one need to use this?
Do you need to map/annotate every Wt widg...


10:09 am Wt Open discussion: RE: WVideo object under IOS open in fullscreen (and autoplay does not work)
Hey Alessandro,
I see the same behavior. I've made an issue: https://redmine.emweb.be/issues/6887
10:09 am Wt Bug #6887 (New): WVideo on iphone inconsistencies
See https://redmine.emweb.be/boards/1/topics/15762
09:55 am Wt Help: RE: How to set priority for "many to many" relations
Hey Samira,
Wt::Dbo cannot does not support additional fiels on a many-to-many relations. You will need to "unwrap...

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