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10:11 am Wt Help: RE: ""An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions" ...
Binding any port below 1024 requires root permissions.


02:48 pm Wt Help: RE: How can I load http://file.js to my javascript in the Wt
That would be Wt::WApplication::require().
11:49 am Wt Support #6043 (Assigned): MSSQL server connection string
11:48 am Wt Help: RE: WIntValidator vs WDoubleValidator with WLineEdit
This is because WDoubleValidator does not reimplement inputFilter(), but indeed it could and should.
See htt...
11:48 am Wt Bug #6045 (New): WDoubleValidator: implement inputFilter()
See https://redmine.emweb.be/boards/2/topics/14060?r=14089#message-14089
11:44 am Wt Help: RE: Query Multiple Rows
This should work:...


01:38 am Wt Bug #6044 (New): WTabWidget and flex-layout
WTabWidget does not propagate size constraints imposed by a parent layout to its children.


12:29 am Wt Open discussion: RE: Would it be difficult?
(I had to lookup ETL, we always learn)
I'm not sure what you setup you have in mind with the JSON: is the ...


12:01 am Wt Help: RE: versionField type
Hey Ricardo,
No, Wt::Dbo supports only integer version fields currently.


04:00 pm Wt Feature #5403 (Assigned): WLineEdit: wrap around for spinboxes and toggling AM/PM automatically
Roel, is this done correctly? Namely 11AM -> 12PM -> 1PM : thus AM/PM toggle does not happen at same moment as 12-1 w...

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