Bug #7811

"Wt: invalid ackId" for a certain setting.

Added by Apivan Tuntakurn 28 days ago. Updated 27 days ago.

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On our complex web application, We have a use case thatoccasionally produces "Wt: invalid ackId" and freeze the client on some computer.

So, I created the isolated program that always produces the invalid ackId and attech it here. (main.cpp)
However, I do not confirm whether the isolated program could freeze the client or not.

The following are factors for invalid ackID

  • It must have high cpu intensive javascript code
  • It must use Wt’s javascript layout
  • It must have at least one setLayoutSizeAware(true) widget. Note that the WPaintedWidget uses setLayoutSizeAware(true) by default. And for our situation, it is not avoidable.

I am not sure if this is really a bug or just bad use case. In case that it is a bad use case, do you have any suggestion?

Workaround: using WebSocket solves the problem. But it is not an option for our case.


main.cpp (2.96 KB) main.cpp Apivan Tuntakurn, 11/02/2020 10:02 AM

Updated by Apivan Tuntakurn 28 days ago

Reproducible on 4.1.1 and 4.2.2. Did not test with latest wt yet. But It think it is very likely reproducible.


Updated by Apivan Tuntakurn 28 days ago

On * src/web/skeleton/Wt.js:function propagateSize(element, width, height)* , warping the emit signal inside setTimeout(0) seems to fix the problem. The ackid increments correctly. But I am not sure if it will cause problem elsewhere.


Updated by Apivan Tuntakurn 27 days ago

Calling this as soon as possible solves invalid ackid.

this->doJavaScript(R"( Wt.p.propagateSize = function(t,i,e){-1==i&&(i=t.offsetWidth),-1==e&&(e=t.offsetHeight),void 0!==t.wtWidth&&t.wtWidth==i&&void 0!==t.wtHeight&&t.wtHeight==e||(t.wtWidth=i,t.wtHeight=e,i>=0&&e>=0&&window.setTimeout(()=>{ Wt.emit(t,"resized",Math.round(i),Math.round(e))},0))};)");

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