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11:25 AM Wt Help: RE: TreeView Drag and Drop example fails
It is indeed a regression. After looking into it I think the change you suggest in `FolderView` is correct. The examp... Korneel Dumon
11:21 AM Wt Bug #11433 (Closed): regression in treeview dragdrop example
The example is broken because of changes in #8636. The example didn't call `setEnablebDropLocation()` (or the old `se... Korneel Dumon


11:27 AM Wt Improvements #10924 (Implemented @Emweb): Remove split-script configuration property
Korneel Dumon


10:22 AM JWt Help: RE: How to make a Login view customized
Hi, have you looked at this function? Korneel Dumon


09:58 AM Wt Help: RE: Ptr object generates 'stoll' on load
Hi Mark,
I've never actually tried this myself, so I'm not sure, but from [this part of the tutorial](https://www....
Korneel Dumon


11:50 AM Wt Help: RE: setAttributeValue Combobox option
Hi K G,
I don't think there is currently any way to set it from C++ since the `<option>` tags don't correspond to ...
Korneel Dumon


04:59 PM JWt Bug #10642 (Implemented @Emweb): maven pom file missing dependency + hello-mvn build problem
Korneel Dumon


05:49 PM JWt Help: RE: Problem with maven
I tried building the `hello-mvn` example and there were some problems. The pom file of the example uses java v...
Korneel Dumon
09:19 AM JWt Help: RE: Problem with maven
the way we use it is by adding it to the local maven repository. I you download `jWt` from https://www.webtoo...
Korneel Dumon
05:39 PM JWt Bug #10642 (Implemented @Emweb): maven pom file missing dependency + hello-mvn build problem
The pom file for `jwt` is missing the `gson` dependency which seems to be necessary in some classes (eg. `WRectF`).
Korneel Dumon

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