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09:40 AM Wt Help: RE: How to capture database insert/update triggers with Wt::Dbo and get the id ?
If you want to know the id immediately after an insert, you can flush the session, like so:
``` cpp
auto myPtr = ...
Korneel Dumon


04:29 PM Wt Bug #7975 (Implemented @Emweb): Drag object is not visible when a dialog window appears.
Korneel Dumon


11:38 AM Wt Support #7976: WAbstractItemView and Drag and Drop
Hi Andreas,
the drop target is always an element in the view. In the model, you can interpret this as where you wa...
Korneel Dumon
08:54 AM Wt Open discussion: RE: WTreeview expand-collapse icon got lost when clicked on it
If you want to use bootstrap, you should use WApplication::setTheme(), don't just add the stylesheet. Wt needs to be ... Korneel Dumon


10:25 AM Wt Open discussion: RE: WTreeview expand-collapse icon got lost when clicked on it
Hi Aziz,
do you have any more details about this? Maybe a small test-project I can run?
It seems to work in the w...
Korneel Dumon


04:08 PM Wt Bug #7914 (Closed): WPopupMenu in WidgetSet application gives Wt internal error; code: undefined, description: Cannot read property 'display' of undefined
This is indeed the same as #7912. Unfortunately, we don't support wt3 anymore, so there will be no release to fix this. Korneel Dumon
04:01 PM Wt Bug #7912 (Implemented @Emweb): Accessing WpopupMenu crashes in Widgetset mode. Works fine in regular mode
Korneel Dumon


04:08 PM Wt Feature #7278 (New): WFileUpload get selected file(s)
Currently, there is no way to know if the user has selected any file in the browser (before it was uploaded).
Korneel Dumon


12:31 PM Wt Bug #6874 (Feedback): WFileUpload does not support WPushButton as displayWidget
Hi Stefan,
did you put the WPushButton in the widget-tree? If not, this will not work, since the file-upload does no...
Korneel Dumon


11:37 AM Wt Bug #6578 (Implemented @Emweb): Wt failed due to error C2039 when build with MSVC

Korneel Dumon

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