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Reported issues: 102


11:37 am Wt Bug #6578 (Implemented @Emweb): Wt failed due to error C2039 when build with MSVC


12:05 pm Wt Bug #6567 (Closed): Http::Client returns an error for https-requests
No Wt problem, the stream_truncated error only occurs if the server does not correctly negotiate ssl shutdown. It is ...


04:34 pm Wt Bug #6567 (Closed): Http::Client returns an error for https-requests
After updating to ubuntu 18.04 (with a more recent version of openssl) every request to an https-address ends with th...


10:05 am Wt Bug #6529 (Closed): tabwidget close-icon shows on top of WDialog
z-index problem


12:40 pm Wt Bug #6431 (Implemented @Emweb): WFileDrop::cancelUpload does not cancel upload of the first file ...


11:29 am Wt Feature #6443 (New): JWT token support
Support to create and sign JWT tokens.
Application: google provides 'service accounts', which can be used for dire...


04:27 pm Wt Support #6348: Wt::WFileUpload::setDisplayWidget
I checked your example and the problem is that when a container has a layout, you can no longer use the WContainerWid...


02:36 pm Wt Support #6348: Wt::WFileUpload::setDisplayWidget
Hi Max,
you're right that the progressbar functionality is lost when you set a displaywidget. So if you want to ha...


12:48 pm Wt Bug #6213 (New): bootstrap progress-bar does not update correctly
The percentage changes, but the progress-bar does not follow. Seems to be related to the fact that bootstrap animates...


10:18 am Wt Help: RE: WFileDropWidget questions
Right you are ... The problem was with popup-blocking, I had an exception for localhost in firefox, so it worked for ...

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