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05:05 PM Wt Bug #2443: Websockets and WPaintedWidget
Hi Koen!
Just made a WT app to help you.
I'll describe it since it's modelling my current architecture.
So, I'm u...
Bogdan Cosescu


10:23 PM Wt Bug #2443 (Closed): Websockets and WPaintedWidget
Hi guys!
I have an app that paints a lot of images on a canvas. I activated websocket on version 3.3.1 and I noticed...
Bogdan Cosescu
10:17 PM Wt Open discussion: Static link to GraphicsMagick, ZLib and WT
Hi guys!
I was wondering why you recommend graphicsmagick or zlib to be used as a shared library?
Could I use grap...
Bogdan Cosescu


03:29 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: WT application architecture
Page oriented design....something I heard many times from the web developer :D.
How about WidgetSet mode? Could that...
Bogdan Cosescu
08:52 AM Wt Open discussion: WT application architecture
Hi guys!
I was thinking about my WT app. I'm in a team in which I'm working with a teammate that's a web developer. ...
Bogdan Cosescu


04:00 PM Wt Feature #2353 (Feedback): Load certificate and private key from a X509 object and EVP_PKEY object
At this point WT can only load a certificate and a private key from files. This is not enough for me. I want to be ab... Bogdan Cosescu


03:52 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: IE 10 agent detection in WT
Thank you!
Bogdan Cosescu


01:38 PM Wt Open discussion: IE 10 agent detection in WT
Hi guys!
I have my WT app accessed from an IE 10. On the URL I type my https://MYCOMPUTERNAME and WT parses the IE u...
Bogdan Cosescu


01:43 PM Wt Help: RE: Unhandled exception on server restart - win_static_mutex init returns error 5 (Access denied)
Got the same error with win\_static\_mutex that returns 5.
As you mentioned above the failing code is in engin...
Bogdan Cosescu


01:05 PM Wt Help: RE: WT 3.3.0 with SSL crash on WServer::stop()
Hi Wim!
I have that patch applied. I checked it again.
As I does not crash anymore but it gives me the m...
Bogdan Cosescu

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